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Jiangsu Taizhou import Jacket Top 10000 tons of over 279% year-on-year growth

According to the inspection and quarantine department statistics, 1-11 months in 2017, Jiangsu Taizhou Port imported 464 batches and 11 thousand tons of casings, the value of goods was 6 million 630 thousand U.S. dollars, up 168%, 194% and 279% respectively, and the volume of imports is in the forefront of the province.
Casings used as fill in the sausage casing belongs to coat, import processing trade, in the domestic processing and re export to Europe and the United States consumer sausage. Since the beginning of this year, the demand for the international casing Market is booming, and the RMB exchange rate has been strong. Under the combined action of both sides, the profit of casing processing has increased, and the import volume of enterprises has doubled.
With the rapid increase of casing imports, there are 3 containers arriving at ports on average, and the risk of animal diseases, food safety and health is increasing. Taizhou inspection and quarantine departments shall hand the new pattern of "single release", the 90% entry casings no longer carry on-site inspection, inspection and Quarantine will import 80% compression, improve customs clearance efficiency; on the other hand, later strengthen inspection and supervision, increase the special detection efforts, supervision of enterprises to improve the traceability system, increase the electronic monitoring system, the import of casings from each link into the factory, unloading, disinfection, storage, use are well documented, the risk will be nipped in the bud.